• Connectivity With A Cause


Mission Statement

Kingsburg Media Foundation is dedicated to providing technology and media services to non-profits and community organizations through strategic partnerships to provide for the advancement of our communities.

Vision Statement

The vision of Kingsburg Media Foundation is to be a community betterment organization. This will be accomplished by providing Internet, voice, information technology, audio/video, and consulting services to other non-profits, community organizations, and low-income areas at dramatically reduced rates. In order to accomplish this; membership and business contracts will be built around the same services at a for-profit rate to fund the organization. Additionally, volunteers of KMF will be available through-out the week to provide general help to the organizations we have partnered with

Founding Statement

The Kingsburg Media Foundation was officially founded and chartered in 2012, but the genesis of the group dates back many years. Originally, the sole purpose of the members was to provide location sound reinforcement for and recording of the Kingsburg City Band for radio playback of their summer band-concert series. Although this continues to be the main focus of the organization, it has evolved and developed into a full-service technology group providing Internet/Voice services, information technology design, implementation, and support, structured audio/video systems, audio and video recording, and Web streaming of various local events; most notably, the on-going Kingsburg Summer Band Concerts Under the Stars series.

Current Partnerships

Kingsburg Media Foundation is currently involved with many community organizations to include: Kingsburg Young Life, The Landing, Serve Kingsburg, Kingsburg Historical Park, Kingsburg Train Depot, Kingsburg Community Assistance Program, Students International, and Kingsburg Public Wi-Fi Project. Please click on the organizations name where available for more information. Since our inception in 2012 we have returned to the community through these organizations a total value of over $3,000,000. This has been made possible through equipment grants, consulting services, reduced rate Internet and Voice services, at-cost equipment purchases, and installs. On-going funding is provided through grants, membership dues, and strategic partnerships. If you would like to become involved in one or some of the many different ways possible, please reach out to us on our contact page.