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Business Services

Kingsburg Media Foundation is a premier Information Technology company. Our services keep you and your business operating at its highest level. Our priority is you! To us you are more than a customer, you are a partner. We make it our top priority to ensure that your needs are met so your business is always running at 100%. Experience the difference when you partner with as attentive and local provider. At Kingsburg Media Foundation our team is committed to delivering you the best service possible. This commitment drives us to continually upgrade our equipment, technology, credentials, and the delivery system which provide your service. Our goal is to better the communities of the central valley. We can only achieve our goal through change-making relationships with partners like you.

To Our Customers

We provide the highest quality with the strongest conviction. We promise to always put you first as we operate with integrity and transparency. In short, we do what we day and we say what we do! Our superior and personal customer service is the gem that sets us apart from other service providers. We promise to be available and responsive. When you need us, we will be there. The team member answering your call might even live down the street from you. That’s how local we are.

Business Solutions from KBMF

For more information call us at 559-419-9046 or chat with a KBMF representative by clicking the widget at the bottom right of the screen.

Business Internet

We specialize in providing consistent, guaranteed minimum speeds that keep your business running at 100%. We understand the importance of being connected online for the success of your business. We also understand that downtime equals lost productivity and is a vacuum for revenue. This is very serious to us; we are tenacious in bringing you the best connectivity as possible. Click below to have one of our account representatives call you to discuss your needs.

MSP – Managed Services Provider

Why MSP?

Partnering with us as your Managed Services Provider is a healthy proactive approach to your technology needs. Imagine a worry-free environment where your technology is managed instead of it managing you. Allow us to take care of your hardware from internet to screen. Our team will prevent problems from happening that would ordinarily cost you time and money.

The core services that you will receive from our team are:
24/7 system monitoring

Our system and techs are monitoring your system every hour of every day. Under our care rest assured that your network is performing at peak performance. We are scanning for viruses, performing file cleaning, keeping hardware within capacity, and updating with approved patches. Our team of professionals are tracking your hardware as well making sure they are still within relevant capacities and align with current technology. Your tech problems and challenges are no longer your problems. We provide solutions before they become a problem.

Cyber Security

We employ a tenacious EDR or End Point Detection and response. In short, we keep the bad guys out. With us standing guard you are not left vulnerable and at the mercy of cyber criminals. This is such a valuable aspect of what we do. Over the counter anti-virus software is not enough protection for your business against todays sophisticated cyber criminals.

Data Backup

In a world of uncertainties backing up your data and systems is never a bad idea. Using our data storage is like a warm blanket on a cold night. Your intellectual property is the most valuable possession you own. Having it protected in our encrypted off-site location as well as backed up on the cloud keeps you safe if the worst were to happen. In case of disaster, we will be able to recover and restore your system.

Email Training

Have you ever clicked on something and lived to regret it? We have all been in those shoes before. Don’t feel bad, cyber criminals are very good at what they do. We offer training for your employees to equip them not to fall victim to Phishing, click bait and scams that can harm your business.

Hardware Health

Your hardware is the framework that dictates the efficiency of your software and applications. Having healthy hardware is critical to efficiency and productivity in the workplace. We are regularly tracking capacities, life expectancy, and antiquation of hardware. You will be provided with our best recommendations of cures and then proceed under your guidelines. In many cases we find our clients have been “sold” a piece of hardware that truly is not needed. We do not do this; our practice is to help you and not to sell you.

Everyday IT Needs

By partnering with us, we become you! We are your IT department. We are here to serve you. Our partnership will benefit you because we are forward thinking when it comes to your business and IT needs. Being reactive is treading water, being proactive like us, is growth.

Voice Over IP Phone Systems or Internet phones

The biggest advantage of VoIP is that your business will save a bundle on costs. VoIP takes efficiency to a whole new level. Since you'll be receiving phone calls over the Internet, you'll cut out the expense of a phone line altogether and instead consolidate both your Internet and voice communication costs. You will also love the freedom our VOIP systems bring to the workplace. We can program the system to fit your style of work.

For more information call us at 559-419-9046 or chat with a KBMF representative by clicking the widget at the bottom right of the screen.